The Story Behind our Nigerian Dwarf Goats


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving I finished work early and had (very easily) convinced my husband to drive down to Baldwin with me and pick up some new chickens.

Once you’re into this homesteading stuff, a basket filled with as many different colored eggs becomes all you can think about. So, off we went.

Minus $70 and a backseat full of chickens later, we were on the hour long trip back home.

I was scrolling through Facebook, which has become my “go to” for all things farm life when I saw that someone had just posted an ad selling 4 girl goats (called “Does” if they’re big and “doelings” if they’re little) in my town.

I read through the ad and learned that their owner had very suddenly needed to move out of her home and was unable to take them with her.

The two oldest does were both around a year old and one of them had just given birth to two little doelings 6 weeks before.


All four of them were being sold together, along with a trunk of medicine & supplies, as well as two extremely long, heavy duty rolls of fencing. Plus their milking stand, bags of food and minerals, straw, and their ENTIRE shelter set up.

I couldn’t believe it.

So without skipping a beat I told my husband.

(Who had basically told me “no” every single time I talked about goats before this moment.)

I told him that my dream goats (Nigerian Dwarf Goats) were being offered on a silver platter along with EVERYTHING we needed for a ridiculously cheap price, and they were only 10 minutes from our house.

He told me to message the owner and see if we could stop by to “see” them.

So I did. At lightning speed.

She was a breeze to get along with and told us we could stop by that same day.

We changed the address on our GPS and for the remainder of the car ride talked about the “what ifs”.

Once we got there, she was waiting for us by the fence and told us her story and a lot about the goats.

After meeting the goats themselves, we both fell in love with how sweet and calm they were. It was almost like they had known us their whole lives and weren’t afraid of us one bit.

We were there for a little over an hour and I think we both realized around the same time it was the perfect fit.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was cradling the little baby goats my husband had already arranged the details of the payment so when I looked up at him and asked if we could keep them, he said “I already talked to her about the deposit.”

And that was music to my ears.

Here’s a shameless plug just stating that I really do love this man.

Over the next two days we went from our place back to where they were- picking up fencing and 4x4 posts, and roofing sheets to create the best set up we possibly could in the short window of time we had been allowed.

It was Sunday, and the moment had finally arrived to bring our girls home. Here we were again, a backseat full of animals and absolutely no idea what we were doing.

Gosh I just love that thrill.

It’s been 2 weeks since I brought them home and I can’t believe I waited so long to have these cuties with me.

So much has happened and so many things have been learned- but most importantly there is still so much to look forward to.

We are loving our time with Peaches, Jess, Astrid, and Aria & cannot wait to keep growing our herd 🧡

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